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As D's attitudes toward high school

"When we talk about our high school life what we like to focus on" is a interesting discussion among students in As D class. Since most of students in  As D will go to America of college, thus students' attitudes toward high school may differ from that of As A.

Specifically,  students are  more  concern about environments; such as environments of self-study, teaching and  Xiasha district.


According to Luke's words, the nearby construction creates noises during the day which certainly affect our self-study class. Moreover, the dust pollution makes the air around the school become muddier. Frank adds that because of the construction, basketball courts were destructed last year so that students in international campus must play basketball in the main campus's court.


Students in AS are always complaining about lunch time; Especially a quick meeting was added into our schedule in this semester which put all five classes in the morning together without a long break. As a result, students have to run for food; If students arrive at the cafeteria late, they may have no meal to eat.


From my perspective, there are plenty of things that school is able to improve, not only of students' study environment, but also of students' life.